June 26, 2023

#beMINDful SMK Dato Mohd Said

A collaboration with:
SMBE 1, Institute Aminuddin Baki
by Rhys


SMK Dato Mohd Said, Nilai

No. of participants

100 students

Our audience

Form 3 students

About this event

Sharing sessions, exhibition booths, exercise activities and mindfulness activities are done together with the students of SMK Dato Mohd Said, Nilai.

Our role

Professionals from all fields joined NobleDr's online campaign #beMINDful to help raise youth mental health awareness. NobleDr and the family medicine doctors teamed up with clinical psychologist (UCSI), an expert in art therapy (mywiphealing), a wood art artist (fariza basri), and Mowgli Venture on outdoor survival skills. Collaborating with all parties involved and selecting the younger generation with care in a way that will help and make it simpler for teens to adapt to and relate to., it's critical to instill healthy coping mechanisms in teenagers at a young age in order to promote positive mental health.

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