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Large or small, every donation is a step towards healing. By supporting NobleDr+, you’ll be contributing to the development of public healthcare, wellbeing and teaching programmes that will transform lives of Malaysia’s marginalised communities.

Fund Allocation

All funds collected will solely be used for treatment and minor maintenance fees.

Below are some of the programmes we would be using the funds for.

Patient's Welfare
Organization Sustainability
Medical Equipment & Management

ND 01  

Women & Child

Funds will be used to ensure safe childbirth, childcare necessities and vaccination for children.

ND 02  

Education Programs

We’d like to instill the importance of healthcare in the younger generation to bring more awareness in their communities.

ND 03  

Medical supplies

Medical supplies are an inegral part of providing quality healthcare.

Donation payment method

Donate via Bank Transfer

Account Name Pertubuhan Doktor Perubatan Keluarga

Bank Name RHB Bank

Account No 26262500021078


State a reference code when donating if you’d like your funds to be allocated to any of the below categories

ND 01 Women and children

ND 02 Education Programmes

ND 03 Medical Supplies

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