Life is like a rollercoaster.
Sometimes up, sometimes down. #beMINDful believes that with mental healthcare and mindfulness, navigating life gets easier.

We are here to help you build courage, resilience, and confidence.
Bringing mental healthcare to teenagers

Years ago, before we became doctors, we were school students – just like you. We had to wake up and wear uniforms, go to class, study and prepare for tests. We memorized Bahasa Melayu, Sejarah, Geografi, Matematik, and everything in between – just like you.

Looking back, it was all fun, especially the classmates and friends we made in those big years. But we wished we had learned something else: How to care for our mental health during difficult times.

Mental health just wasn’t something people talked about during our years of schooling. It was shameful. It carried a stigma, and today, it still does. So aside from caring for our patients, we want to contribute something to today’s younger generation of Malaysians: better mental health awareness. To bridge the gap and make it easier for everyone to seek help when they need it. Making Mental Health a Priority 🧠


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