About the Project

Darurat Banjir'21 was a project initiated by NobleDr, Refugee for The Refugees and Somalia Refugee Community to help those affected by the flood in terms of medical, food aid, and essential supplies. The project was initially meant to help victims in Sri Muda, however, we managed to extend our services to provide assistance in Dengkil, Hulu Langat, Kg.Melayu Subang and also Karak.

Our Role

NobleDr's prime focus was to provide medical assistance to the flood victims, however, due to the on-ground circumstances, basic needs and food supply became a major problem alongside health concerns. The partnership between NobleDr, Refuge for the Refugees, and the Somalia Refugee Community facilitated adequate resources and supplies to be distributed to over 1500 victims in Dengkil, Hulu Langat, Kampung Melayu Subang, and also Karak.