Dr Syazana Ali
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About the Patient

Onaisha is a refugee from Myanmar. She was 8-months pregnant and needed to be admitted to the hospital to have an elective C-section to deliver her baby.

Our Role

Without legal documents, the elective C-section at the Government Hospital would cost almost RM 5000. Onaisha’s husband was detained during that period of time and Onaisha spends all her savings on her husband. 

NobleDr carried out a fundraiser to raise funds for Onaisha’s procedure, as she had no additional savings to cover the extra costs. NobleDr also assisted Onaisha with the necessary documentation in order for Onaisha to obtain a 50% reduction in her hospital bill.

In less than 1 week, NobleDr raised RM3935.50 for the entire procedure.. Additional funds were used to buy pampers, vitamins, medication and newborn clothing for Onaisha and her newborn baby.

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Photo by @rhysdury

Our experience

“We made sure that Onaisha experienced a safe delivery and feels calm and happy during the birth of her newborn. We took the liberty of fundraising for Onaisha as we believe in health equity and making healthcare accessible to all. Most maternal deaths are highly preventable and safe delivery is the right of every woman.”
Dr Syazana Ali

Primary Health Care Resident and Founder of NobleDr

Photo by @rhysdury
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